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People have always felt the need to discuss their problems.

"A problem shared is a problem halved"

In days gone by we had extended families and good communities, which made it easier for people to talk. However our lives to day are very different, we tend to be more isolated, communities are not what they used to be and we are much more pressurised by everyday life pressures. These in mind more of us access a counsellor for that listening and supportive ear more than ever before.


A terminology I came across was "the talking cure"

The overall aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for the client to work towards living in a way he or she experiences as more satisfying and resourceful.

Counselling involves both client and counsellor;
"this may be less obvious than it sounds".

What separates counselling from other support roles is that it is a formal arrangement. The client has accepted the role of client and expects openness, honesty and know-how from the counsellor. The counsellor knows she has accepted the role of counsellor and hopes for willingness and honesty from the client.

Because there are now ground rules in place feelings, emotions and thoughts can be explored openly and without concerns that what has been said may be repeated and hence regretted later. This would not be the case, as client/counsellor would contract to level of confidentiality before sessions began.

All counsellors at Keystone TSS adhere to the B.A.C.P. professional code of ethics.

Counsellors do not give advice or seek to impose their own values or solutions on the client. The client knows what is right for them.

Counselling can be a time for healing emotional pain and coming to a resolution about the past. It can also be about understanding your present behaviour and working towards change. The opportunity to talk and offload with someone who listens and moreover hears is in it self deeply therapeutic. Counselling can support you through difficult times, clarifying what is happening to you, easing your current situation. And where appropriate a deeper therapeutic process can develop if it feels right for you.